What does it mean to be a good neighbour?

Being a good neighbor means considering others. 

We strive to be respectful, aware, and approachable. We aim to do the right thing, and to always keep in mind the full lifecycle of our projects. Being a good neighbour is a vital part of who we are, helping us operate in Saskatchewan for years to come. 

We demonstrate our commitment to being a good neighbour through:

Community Partnerships

We seek to build meaningful and purposeful community investment partnerships that will positively impact our neighbours for generations to come. We encourage volunteerism, supporting our employees so that they can give back in a fulfilling way.   

We feel differently about community investment. For us, it’s less about “donations” or “sponsorships,” and more about adding purpose to everything we say and do. Together with our partners, we’re able to build stronger communities through purposeful action.


We demonstrate responsible environmental stewardship in our operations. We consider the full lifecycle of our facilities, with the goal of sustainable, future-oriented development, protecting local biodiversity, and proactively managing environmental outcomes. 

We identify and assess potential interactions of our business with people and the environment, applying appropriate mitigation measures, and actively monitoring and managing our operations at all stages to ensure protection of the areas we work in.

Indigenous Relations

We are committed to building and maintaining meaningful relationships with local Indigenous Peoples and communities in the regions where K + S Potash Canada operates.

We engage local Indigenous communities in all areas of our business. As an employer, we aim to create an inclusive and diverse workforce that is representative of Indigenous Peoples in the areas in which we work. Through our procurement practices we continuously look to build opportunities for Indigenous businesses. Within our supply chain and within our community investment initiatives we support local Indigenous communities and other Indigenous-led organizations in Saskatchewan.